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Make A Will With Central Coast's Leading Will Lawyers Since 1981

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can do to protect your family into the future.  It is also important to review your Will every couple of years to make sure that your wishes remain the same.

At Will Lawyers Central Coast we have been helping people to write the Wills since 1981.  It is important to seek expert legal advice from an experienced Will Lawyer as there are strict guidelines on how a Make A Will . If your Will is not prepared properly, it may be challenged after you are gone. Over the years we have seen lot of cases where the Wills are not drafted correctly and hence lead to lot of stress & anxiety among the family members once you are gone. We will hear your case and advise you with all the steps involved for Drafting A Will that is more secure and executed as per your wishes.

How to Make A Will

The process of Drafting A Will by your Will Lawyer is quite straight forward.  However, there are some decisions to be made by you that will take some time to consider. 

At your first appointment with your Will & Estate Lawyer, you will be asked to provide details such as your name, address and occupation along with the following –

  1. a) Details of any spouse, children and/or step children;
  2. b) Details of any previous spouse;
  3. c) Who you would like to be your Executor (the person who will take care of your estate);
  4. d) Who you would like to be your alternate Executor in case your first appointed Executor is unable to carry out his/her role;
  5. e) Details of all of your assets in or outside of Australia, including superannuation and insurance policies;
  6. f) Any specific gifts you would like to leave to a certain person;
  7. g) Details of any Business Partnerships or Family Trusts.

Make Your Will Legal With A Will Lawyer

Once your Will Lawyer has all of these details, we will make an appointment for you to return to sign your Will. 

We can also receive instructions via electronic platforms such as facetime or zoom and are now able to witness your Will this way too so there is no need to delay. Call our expert Will & Estate Lawyers Central Coast today on 43247699 if you need assistance with Drafting A Will or book your initial consultation and we go through all the steps involved to Make A Will.


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